The Hotel Leopold I. – Feeling Truly Imperial

The Leopold I. is a true luxury hotel full of splendor and eye for the details. Located in the castle of Petrovaradin right on the hilltop overlooking Novi Sad across the river this hotel is part of the fortress walls and next to the panorama terrace with its magnificient view over Novi Sad.
The rooms of the Hotel Leopold I. in the first floor are in romantic and elegant style, other than the rooms in the second floor, which are in modern style. So its up to you to choose. This hotel got its 5 stars for a reason. So especially when it comes to the ground floor and first floor you easily feel like an emperor or an empress. And by the way the fortress of Petrovaradin on this castle hill was the stronghold for warding off attacks by the Osman Empire and got famous for this reason in the entire region.

The staff is polite and friendly and the breakfast is rich. Strengthened with cereals from here you can explore the whole fortress areal, which is huge by the way, with its walls and various buildings, but also can head out to the beautiful city of Novi Sad which is super-close by. You only have to cross the river via the bridge to reach Novi Sad. But have a look for yourself:

And here is the close-up brought to you via the slide show:

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The Bottom Line: The luxurious Hotel Leopold I. located circa 90 km northwest of Belgrade, in Petrovaradinska tvrđava, Petrovaradin/Novi Sad, Serbia, just outside of Novi Sad, right on the hilltop of the castle hill and within the fortress walls overlooking Novi Sad, is the perfect spot to enjoy the true splendor of the old days.

From Novi Sad with love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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